About Us

  • ACT/BTU has served the vegetable industry for 28 years.
  • Our core employees combine over 200 years of ventilation/refrigeration experience
  • BTU manufactures 75% of all their equipment, 90% is made in the USA
  • We use industry standards in all our ventilation and refrigeration designs
  • We have a driven team of engineers, designers, and technicians that represents fast forward thinking, always developing and implementing new technologies
  • We have developed new pioneering designs in the ventilation and refrigeration for the vegetable industry. Applying our experiences to the vegetable storage technologies
  • Our systems consist of high quality, durable equipment specifically matched for the use the vegetable industry
  • Remote monitoring/alarming systems is a must today, we have over 1000 computer systems/networks online
  • Today energy efficiency is a must, we can help you achieve 35-65% in energy savings annually
  • Our Southeast USA representative, Robert Drozdowski has 28 years of experience in ventilation and refrigeration service, design, research and development

13 things you need to know about ACT/BTU Ventilation and Refrigeration:

  1. We are competitive with all local companies
  2. We design ventilation and refrigeration using industry ventilation standards
  3. We are in vegetable ventilation business for 28 years, our core staff has over 200 years of vegetable ventilation experience with multiple locations and several dealers through USA and Canada
  4. We use ventilation equipment designed for potato storage environment – so it will last
  5. We have remote control software – web based and apple/android app – with alarm and text, graphs and live data capabilities to make your life easier and to provide you with micro management tools
  6. We are permanently located in Memphis, Tennessee serving whole SE USA, so we live and breathe sweet potato ventilation year round and have other locations through USA and Canada
  7. We have a subcontractors in Mississippi and Arkansas to install our equipment and setup Potato storage systems to keep us competitive
  8. We have 150 sweet potato computer control systems thru AR, MS, LA, AL, WI and overseas – that is just in over last 9 years of operation
  9. We use energy efficiency equipment in ventilation and refrigeration delivering 35-75% in energy savings annually with 0.5-3 year paybacks on the efficiency equipment purchased
  10. We continually strive to find most suitable equipment possible at affordable price with 2 year or more warranty
  11. We use evaporative cooling units for humidification – no free water in air means less breakdown
  12. We use a fair pricing system, what it means is all customers get a fair price in any of our areas of operation
  13. Our control panels have sophisticated VFD controls (variable speed drive – for main/exhaust circulation fans), CO2, humidity, refrigeration and outside air control systems built in, they work well in sweet potato systems thought SE USA and beyond and we continue working with our growers to improve them.