Energy Efficiency

We are an authorized TVA vendor in their area of operations for any standard/custom energy project.

Standard  incentive to be used on streamlined projects listed in it, customer applies direct to TVA for funding before project is purchased, approval process is relatively quick, you will need a detailed quotation from the vendor on what type of equipment is to be installed and what horsepower at what cost, equipment model numbers will be required.

Fan VFD incentive is straight $50.00 per hp, need to apply for pre-approval prior to purchase.

This will typically pay for 30% cost of 3hp motor VFD (often called VSD – variable speed drive).

Please note that you can use VFD’s on single phase systems as long as you convert the motor to 3 phase type and that is relatively easy to do, please call us for details.

Related industry links talk about energy efficiency equipment in general to give you better idea on what can be done and how it works.

“Energy consumption will only increase in cost, it is in our personal and national interest to conserve it”

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